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I’m a big fan. I’m a nail polish hoarder.

WOAMN INC nail polish is my first choice of nail polish for special occasions like hot dates, holiday parties, and weekend  travel.

Like the ad says WOAMN INC nail polish becomes your lucky charm nail polish.

Betty Rogers.


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I’m a nail polish addict. I’ve tried every brand of nail polish in the marketplace.

WOAMN INC is my favorite because the quality and colors are superior to the best drugstore brands, like ESSIE, OPI, or Sally Hansen.

Sasha Bloomberg

Boston, USA

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WOAMN INC. nail polish is salon professional quality. I’m a nail technician. When a client

wants a recommendation in lieu of a personal favorite, I suggest WOAMN INC.

After the fact, my client tweets me a lovely thank you note letting me know that it is ABFAB in quality and color.

Angelina King

Beverly Hills, California, USA

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I posted the positive affirmation, “I am smart, strong & beautiful inside & outside” on my bathroom mirror, refrigerator, and car dashboard. At all times, I need to radiant confidence, focus on my strengths, and look and feel my best when I meet new clients. WOAMN INC nail polish is my lucky charm. My toenail polish lasted 3 months without a touchup. Truly beautiful color, spectacular quality and toxin free.

Mary Rauch

Long Island, NY, USA

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